Living Lab

イノベーションが創造される場 2015-Current


Research on Living lab

I have conducted a research on living lab since 2015. For me, living lab is a way to create future in the community. I believe living lab become one of the important approaches to explore technological possibility in society. Living lab is not a physical lab space but mere method although I don’t deny the importance of physical space element where people gather. Living lab is an environment where participants change their mindset and make their future. Thus, there are a couple of key aspects such as participation of stakeholders, sustainability and others. We should realize that the many successful traditional business models in 20 centuries are not valid any more. We need collaboration and co-creation rather than management and order. We need creative and iterative design approach rather than logical thinking.

Facing to uncertainty and complexity in our current society, living lab approach for creating new service and products have a high potential to contribute to our social advancement with cutting edge technologies. My main topics on living lab are;

  • How to design living lab to make future?
  • What IT can do to make our life happier? 


2015年よりリビングラボ(Living Lab)の研究をしています。私の考えるリビングラボはイノベーションが生まれる場です。技術と社会の親和性を模索しコミュニティベースで未来を作っていくための手法です。リビングラボは、今後、社会における技術の可能性を探るのに重要なアプローチの一つになると考えています。




  • イノベーションが創造される場とは?
  • What IT can do to make our life happier? 


  • 日常生活の一部であること
  • 当事者を巻き込み自分ゴトにしていること
  • 長期的視点が自然と育まれる仕組みが埋め込まれていること
  • 新陳代謝が盛んなコミュニティ学習の場であること
  • 発想と創造が日常となっていること

もっと知りたくなった方、詳しくはLiving Labの解説、また下記の執筆物をご覧ください。

Living Lab Book

We have published a book in 2018 December “Living Lab Practice Book” both in Japanese and English. Aiming at disseminating our learnings on Scandinavian and Japanese living labs for social challenges, we collected knowledge from practitioners and researchers and sum up with 30 know-how.

If you are interested in having a copy, please contact me.

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